Miami Journals

South Beach, FL

A July 2006 trip to Miami by Gholloway

14th And West Photo, Miami Beach, Florida More Photos
Quote: I visited my cousin in Miami Beach while she was modeling swimsuits during runway shows.

South Beach, FL


South Beach Police and my sister Photo, Miami Beach, Florida
Beautiful and luxurious. Would go back anytime. I took a lot of pictures and so many are just scenery. Lots of fun things to do and places to eat.

Quick Tips:

Drink lots of water. Very warm and muggy.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walk or rent a scooter. Cabs can be found everywhere. Don't rent a place to park.
I stayed with a relative but all the eclectic hotels along South Beach appeared to be the in thing to do. This place is amazingly touristy.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on September 24, 2006

Flamingo Resort Apartments
1500 Bay Rd.
Miami, Florida 33139
(305) 604-9211

Monty's Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant | "Monty's"

Great for night dining outside. Good seafood. Has a specialty drink that you only need to drink one. Has an outside pool you can swim in while dining.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 24, 2006

Monty's Seafood Restaurant
2550 South Bayshore Drive
Coconut Grove, Florida 33131
(305) 285-5176

Bad Experience


14th And West Photo, Miami Beach, Florida
We were mugged at gunpoint at 2am coming back from a hotel lounge. Only a block and a half from my cousin's apartment and we were held up by two young men. My cousin had lived there for 2 years and never had any attempt like this. She said she felt safe in Miami Beach. Miami, now is another story. It is known for crime at night, I don't want to scare anyone, but don't carry obvious purses, cameras, and little cash when walking at night. The police detectives had the men in custody before we flew home. They are going to stand trial for armed robbery. The authorities take robbery very seriously because they want tourists to feel safe. I would definitely go back for a return visit. I know that it was...Read More