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The Andes, Vineyards, and Lots of Sunshine

An April 2006 trip to Mendoza by Robert Raymond Ingledew

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Quote: I lived three and a half years in Mendoza and really enjoyed it, but due to work I had to emmigrate to Buenos Aires. It is the land of sunshine, vineyards, and of the highest mountains in the American continent.

The Andes, Vineyards, and Lots of Sunshine

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The city of Mendoza, including the suburban areas (Las Heras, Guaymallen and Godoy Cruz) has about one million inhabitants. It is an irrigation area, very similar to San Jose, California (I have been here, and know that the comparison is valid; actually they are "sister cities".) The Andes are very near: the foothills surround the city, the higher mountains are about 60 miles away, and the Aconcagua, the highest mountain of the American Continent is about 4 hours away by car or bus. Mendoza has all the advantages of large cities, even its symphonic orchestra, trout fishing at the Potrerillos reservoir, 35 miles away, ski centers like Vallecito, only 50 miles away, quiet places to stay like Uspalla...Read More