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An August 2004 trip to Budapest by myrdal

Quote: All the spas in Budapest are relaxing places where besides taking relaxing baths (vapour and different kinds of waters) you can find a partner.



Very good and typical restaurant. Very good balance price/quality. Very good service. This restaurant could be an exception because in spite of being very touristic the quality and the price are reasonable.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 5, 2006

Ferenciek tere, 7-8
Budapest, Hungary 1053
+36 (1) 317-3596



All the spas in Budapest are surprising and very pretty, I recommend in general to visit some of them, Gellert, I think is the most famous one it was built in a secession style and the inner swimming pool with beautiful columns has appeared as scenery in fashion magazines and in TV adverts. Another spa that one can’t miss, and specially gay population (in fact I don’t recommend to go to heterosexual people)is Kiraly spa in Fo street. I think Kiraly is the oldest baths in Budapest. It was built in Turkish style and the central swimming pool is under a typical cupola with zenithal light. Inside Kiraly, above all from 18:00pm, one can believe that is watching or taking part (as one desires) of a Fa...Read More