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A March 2006 trip to Uzbekistan by seissmer

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I'm in Tashkent!


I am sitting in the business center of the Hotel Koreana, using a keyboard that has English, Korean and Cyrillic characters. I couldn't get into my email, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Hotel's fast Internet connection and post my first real entry. I think it's Monday here now. After flying for 24 hours (including layovers) with the best travel companions I could have hoped for, we arrived at Tashkent International Airport (via Paris and Istanbul) around 2am Friday, local time. By the time we had our luggage and were processed through customs, it was around 4am, and we were herded off to a hotel for some sleep before we were dispersed to our various locations...Read More
Highlights:- Having my own apartment, even if I'm still figuring out some of its quirks- Figuring out pretty quickly how my shower works-- what a feeling of victory!- Having a TV, even if it functions as a radio most of the time now- Having 2 balconies, creating a cross breeze so I don't need the air conditioner (but it's cool to have one all the same)- Having an apartment that overlooks the presidential parade route-- I saw President Karimov's motorcade pass twice yesterday- Being close to the metro- Having a bird live in one of my windows, with her nest and eggs- Being more or less adopted by the Niyazovs, even though I don't live with them, and by Bahodir. I can't st...Read More