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A June 2006 trip to California by joshhansen

Quote: A review of my journey to California.

Audubon Canyon Ranch

Hotel | "Canyon Ranch"

If you are ever north of novato there is a nice little ranch called the canyon ranch. It has some nice rolling hills but also some flat ground. Its great for hiking or motor biking, 4-wheelers would be an awesome experience on the hills but so would horse back riding. There are ticks so be careful, but the hiking is amazing. There are paths worn in the by cows and sheep so you can go pretty much anywhere if you are willing to trudge through bushes and mud. There is a nice little river running through it, and on the rare occasion you can see sheep or cows and sometimes deer, and hear the occasional sound of a coyote.

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Audubon Canyon Ranch
4900 State Highway 1
Stinson Beach, CA
(415) 868-9244

Golden Gate Bridge


Seeing the golden gate bridge is like seeing an amazing wonder. It seems to span forever and rise to the heavens. It's one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. You can walk across it but it can be cold as the wind comes in from the ocean, but the views are well worth it. There are guards all around since increased security became a very big priority. But it's still an enjoyable experience and you won't regret the views. Sometimes walking across is faster than driving. But there are parks on the non-San Francisco side, it can be a nice place to kick back and relax. Its an amazing experience, and if you find it on the right day, it can be a life long memory. Just be sure not to go on a day wh...Read More

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Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Bay
San Francisco, California