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Road Trip USA 1999

A September 1999 trip to Grand Canyon by Rick

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Quote: September 1999 an american friend of mine and yours truly ventured on a 4,000 mls. long trip on america's highways. My following pages narrate on the things we saw and the things we experienced while on the road.

Road Trip USA 1999


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It's not the destination that signifies a vacation. Traipsing a continent makes friends. An American friend from Ann Arbor MI (I knew from the Internet) and I went for a ten day trip down Route 66, starting at Chicago and ending in Las Vegas, NV (which was a minor diversion). We respectively crossed the states Illinois, Missoury, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Highlights were the sunset at Grand Canyon and the evening thunderstorms each night as they entertained us with their magnificent lightshows.Quick Tips: Be well prepared if you want to drive so many miles. Check your car, get proper insurance (particularly if you're not from the States). Be ready to improvise.Best W...Read More

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Accommodations were decent enough for a place so close to the Grand Canyon. The owner proves himself to be a very likable man. He goes into lengths to make travellers feel at home. Breakfast with coffee and muffins are included complimentary service from the house.

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Route 66 Inn
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Grand Canyon, Arizona
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At the South Rim. Early in the morning of Thursday September 16th, Anne and I took the car for the one hour drive along Highways 64 and 180 from Williams to the canyon entrance. Entrance fee is $20 per vehicle, and valid for a week. The last minutes before reaching the actual rim I felt the tight knot inside me for having to dodge hordes of tourists in order of being able to see anything of the canyon at all. It's after all the world's most often photographed site. At first, when searching for a parking place, right after entering the park, we were able to make out parts of the canyon through the covers of the trees standing along the rim. At that moment two things flashed through my ...Read More