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A July 1999 trip to Adelaide by LoveMySadie

Quote: If you enjoy being close to wildlife, I highly recommend Cleland Wildlife Park outside of Adelaide, South Australia.
Cleland is different from zoos in the USA - the only barriers between you and the animals were present with the koala bears and the Tasmanian Devil. The rest of the animals are able to roam free. Purchase a bag of food from the entrance and you can feed animals, from kangaroos to emus, throughout the park. After 4 hours walking around, twice, we stopped in the cafe on the grounds for a nice cup of coffee after a misty day. For A$8, you can have your picture taken with a koala, definitely something that shouldn't be missed!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on September 9, 2006

Cleland Wildlife Park
Summit Road
Mount Lofty, Australia 5152
+61 (0)8 8339 2444