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Single At a Tuscan Wedding

A May 2006 trip to Tuscany by Digiri

Quote: My friends Sarah and Eric tested everyone's love by planning a destination wedding in Tuscany.

Villa San Filippo

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To get to the villa is not difficult, but you must be observant to find it. The villa's website implies that the villa is in a village, but only if you count a pub, gas station, two villas, and an equestrian centre a village. If you drive, the turn off for the villa is about five hundred meters south of Barberino Val d'Elsa . If you take a bus (which I don't recommend if you can afford a rental because the Italian roads must be driven to be experienced) you must make sure that you don't take the Firenze/Siena express bus but the Firenze/Siena via Poggibonsi bus (www.sitabus.it/sita-toscana/Firenze-Siena06.pdf). ...Read More

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Villa San Filippo
Strada delle Ginestre, 6
Barberino Val Delsa, Italy 50021
+39 (055) 80 95 4