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Yellowstone National Park with Kids

An August 2006 trip to Yellowstone National Park by kyrie2005

Grant Village Campground Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming More Photos
Quote: A trip to Yellowstone National Park with teenagers.

Yellowstone National Park with Kids


In early August 2006, my husband, my two daughters, my mom, and I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We started out camping, wanting to experience Yellowstone to the fullest. After two nights in the wild, we moved to a lodge room. (This is no reflection on the campgrounds, we planned it that way. It was a compromise!) We experienced the amusement park atmosphere of Old Faithful, but we also spend time totally alone on a lake shore. I was initially pretty skeptical - how on earth could anyplace without TVs and computers keep the five of us entertained for a week? Well, let me tell you - it did, and it did it easy!Quick Tips: 1. Get away from the crowds. It's easier than you think.2....Read More
Grant Village Campground Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
The campground at Grant Village is a lot like all the other campgrounds in the park. It is the economical way to "do Yellowstone." Campsites are only $18 a night - half that if you have a Golden Age Passport (for people over 60) They are clean and well kept, food lockers are available, and the restrooms are very accessible. Not far away, there are pay showers and a laundromat, and the cafeteria/gift shop is also close. This is very handy when you need that first cup of morning coffee and just can't wait for the water to boil on your camp stove! There are fire pits at each campsite, as well as a parking pad for your vehicle. The campgrounds accommodate both tent campers and people with camp...Read More

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Grant Village Campground
22 miles north of South Yellowstone Entrance
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming