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An October 2005 trip to Mexican Riviera by 10 1120382

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Quote: We took a 3-day cruise from Miami to Cozumel. One of the trips we wanted to go on when we got there was the horseback riding. Unfortunately, my friend was too heavy for the horses, so we decided to take the quad bike tour.

Quad Biking


Quad Biking Photo, Mexican Riviera, Mexico
Having previously had a motor bike I though this would be easy, however, I was soon to find it it wasn't.

When we arrived we we were given a helmet and a (scafe for our face) then a 15-minute instruction on the bikes and where we were going. We set off I soon found out how hard it was to ride a quad bike and realized that the slower you went to harder is is to steer. We proceeded through a small dirt track through what I can only call a jungle. From there we arrived at a number of Inca ruins. The ride lasted about 90 minutes and I can honesty say it was the best money I have spent on a tour. It's a must. Try it!

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Quad Biking

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