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A Rainy Weekend in Dutchess County

An August 2006 trip to Rhinebeck by quirine

Quote: I spent a 3-day weekend with my family in the Belvedere Mansion in Staatsburg. We traveled around the area and visited two vineyards.

A Rainy Weekend in Dutchess County

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Despite the rain and clouds, there were plenty of things for me and my family to do in the Dutchess County area. Some major highlights of our weekend included the Vanderbilt mansion, visiting local vineyards, eating, playing tennis, eating and walking in downtown Rhinebeck.On the way up to Staatsburg, we stopped at the famous Eveready Diner. I was not disappointed with the decor, very vintage 1950s style complete with booths and creamsicle milkshakes. However, the food was not that cheap and I found it to be bland and mediocre. It's really sad when a true 50's diner that every tourist stops in has slipped up in the food department. After checking into the Belvedere Mansion, we ...Read More