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Silver Wood Theme Park

An October 2002 trip to Coeur d Alene by chicanese2

Quote: Silver Wood Theme Park just outside of Coeur d'Alene, ID. Actually located in Athol, ID

Silver Wood Theme Park


Silverwood Theme Park was an enjoyable day trip. While not on the level of Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion, it was an enjoyable day.

Quick Tips:

Ticket prices includes admission to Boulder Beach, their water park. Be sure to check when the water park is open, as the two parks are on different schedules. Might as well plan so that you can do both for one price.

Best Way To Get Around:

We drove. Don't know much else since we don't live in the area. Walking inside the park isn't too difficult and has many places to rest.
Silver Wood Theme Park is the largest theme park in the Northwest. Admission to their water park, Boulder Beach, is included in admission. Silver Wood has a nice wood coaster, if you are a purist and enjoy wood to steel. This park definitely does not hold a candle to the larger parks like Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion, but it is an enjoyable small park that it is easy to walk and has lovely natural scenery instead of the manufactured scenery at larger parks.

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