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Weekend in Idaho Falls, ID

An August 2006 trip to Idaho Falls by Jesslikestotravel

Quote: A family reunion held here.

Weekend in Idaho Falls, ID


We went and played Soccer, Volleyball, and Baseball at Taylor Park, it was a great park with great shade and a very quiet area to be in. We stayed in to Cotton Tree Hotel - off of Broadway and Lyndsay St. It was a nice hotel with a pretty good breakfast included. The city is pretty and the Temple and the River are really close to the hotel.

Quick Tips:

The Winco is a great Grocery Store, so cheap!! I love it and wish I lived near one. You have to bag your own grocery's but well worth it!

Best Way To Get Around:

The streets there make me nuts to drive on, I feel like you have to wait around forever for each light to turn, thankfully it is a pretty small town.

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