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An August 2006 trip to New York by Clem75

Brooklyn Bridge Photo, Brooklyn, New York More Photos
Quote: I do a lot of walking around my hometown. Here are some new and old routes that I've taken, including restaurants along the way.

Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge Photo, Brooklyn, New York
On August 20, 2006, I went with my son and a friend of mine for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and it was well worth the time spent. It was not only great exercise, but the views were out of this world! It took us around 45 mins. to an hour to complete the journey. Make sure that you bring plenty of water to drink and an umbrella to create shade if it's a very sunny day and/or you're prone to heat stroke. Stay in the walkers' lane, as bikers come down their lane at full speed. Wear comfy shoes and bring your camera! The views looking back at Manhattan, toward Brooklyn, over in the direction of the BB's neighbor The Manhattan Bridge and in the direction of the South Stre...Read More

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Brooklyn Bridge
Access At Tillary Street And Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY