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Why Arizona? vs Why, Arizona

A March 2006 trip to Arizona by Cnugent

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Quote: A brief review of a short stop over in the micro town of Why.

Why, Arizona

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Welcome to Why Photo,
Driving west from Tucson, Arizona along Highway 86 (known as Ajo Way in Tucson) the first time traveler is surprised to encounter a familiar blue and white highway information sign, that reads "Gas - Food, Lodging, Camping". Nothing unusual about this sign other than a second sign, mounted atop the first one, bearing the words "Why".One of the delights of a motor trip along secondary roads is the surprises one encounters in out of the way places. The scenic view, the quaint store or farm house, or town or village with a strange name. The town of Why, Arizona is just such a surprise.You see, the "Why" on the sign is the name of the town, and not a question about the need for "Gas...Read More