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North Carolina Amusement Park - Carowinds

A July 2006 trip to Charlotte by MuchToDo

Quote: Experience great family fun at Paramount's Carowinds Amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's located about 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte.
Paramount's Carowinds Theme Park is located 15 minutes from downtown Charlotte, NC. It is a family-friendly park with an air-conditioned first-aid hut in the middle. The hut is geared towards young children who need a place to rest and for moms to nurse and change diapers. Carowinds has attractions for all ages. Nickelodeanland is great for the kiddies, and there are plenty of roller coasters and other hair-raising rides for the older kids. Boomerang Bay water park within Carowinds was awesome. We spent hours there. The park was clean and just a pure joy. The lemon slushies were really good, expensive but good. I ate two! You can search for their website and order tickets ahead of ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 11, 2006

Paramount's Carowinds Theme Park
14523 Carowinds Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
(704) 587-9093