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Slide Rock Sedona

A July 2005 trip to Sedona by shanyab

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Quote: What a beautiful destination to go to with a loved one!
A bit of a hike to get in, but once you're there, prepare for a lot of slip-sliding fun !!

I would highly recommend wearing aqua shoes, as the rocks are a bit slippery and you can fall onto the rocks and hurt yourself!

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Slide Rock State Park
7 miles north via Oak Creek Canyon road (Highway 89A)
Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock


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If you go on the lower or upper red-rock loop, you can find a small park where you have to pay something like $4 to park for the day.

Walk down the path a bit and go towards the sound of the water. Cross over a plank that is normally there and you can walk into the most majestic place you'll ever be!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 10, 2006

Cathedral Rock

Sedona, Arizona 86336