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Watching the Niagara Falls

An August 2006 trip to Niagara Falls by qootex

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Quote: At Niagara falls there are attractions, many gift shops, and "shutter" buses.

Watching the Niagara Falls


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A popular attraction at the Falls is the "Journey Behind the Falls." Two other tunnels provide a close-up view of the Falls from behind. The tunnels extend only 46 metres (150 feet) behind the waterfall, so there is not a lot of walking. I was also on a helicopter ride on top of the Falls. It was most definitely the highlight of the day and memorable!

Quick Tips:

Discount coupons can be found on Bikes can also be rented.

Best Way To Get Around:

At the Falls there are what they call "shutter" buses on ground. These buses are FREE and can transport you from the parking lot to the Falls and other attractions around.

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Seeing the Falls at night is breathtaking. Every Friday and Sunday at 10pm until sometime in September there will be fireworks, which are also very fun and exciting to see.

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