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A Midsummer Week in Geneva

A July 2006 trip to Geneva by suartd

Paleo Festival Nyon Photo, Nyon, Switzerland More Photos
Quote: I spent a week in Geneva this Summer most of it attending the Paleo festival. Read on to find out more about the festival.

A Midsummer Week in Geneva


The highlights of my trip this year were spending two days at the Paleo festival in Nyon (few miles from Geneva). At the festival were many British and American bands alongside French and Swiss musicians.

Quick Tips:

If you fancy going to the Paleo, buy tickets in advance if you can. There are 1000 for sale every morning but on popular days they may be difficult to get and ticket touts may rip you off if you try and buy then as you are going in.

Best Way To Get Around:

Have someone drive you to the festival and drive you home. If this is not a possibility there is a camp site which can be used.

Hotel du Lac Coppet

Restaurant | "Hotel Du Lac"

Hotel du Lac Coppet Photo, Geneva, Switzerland
The Hotel Du Lac in Coppet is situated right on lake Geneva. The restaurant has an outside terraced area to dine and the view across the lake is spectacular. Casual clothes are not worn in this restaurant, most women were in dresses or other smart clothes and men were in shirts or suits. The food selection was magnificant with starters including Foie Gras, soups and fish. I highly recommend the Foie Gras which is a speciality of this restaurant. Main courses included a large selection of fish, pork, veal, chicken and snails. I had the pork which was cooked perfectly. Desserts were amazing and typically chocolatey. There was an extensive wine list and with the waiters speaking English fluently it was ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 10, 2006

Hotel du Lac Coppet
Coppet, Switzerland 1296
41 022 960 80 00

Paleo Festival Nyon

Best Of IgoUgo


Paleo Festival Nyon Photo, Nyon, Switzerland
The Paleo festival is set up like any major music festival except this one runs across 6 nights instead of the usual weekend. There are plenty of stages showing major artists and showcasing new bands from the rock, reggae, hip-hop, pop and more genres. This year key artists included The Who, Feeder, Placebo, Ziggy Marley, Editors, The Rakes, We Are Scientists, Goldfrapp, The Spinto Band and many more. Along with the music selection is a fantastic food collection. Whether you want ice cream, pizza, crepes, Indian, Chinese, kebabs, paninis, etc, it is all here. There are also plenty of bars to cater for everyone's taste including a rugby bar, champagne bar and plenty of places selling wine and beer. If ...Read More

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Paleo Festival Nyon
Rte de St-Cergue 312
Nyon, Switzerland

Globus-Grand Passage

Attraction | "Globus Department Store"

Globus is one of the main department stores in the centre of Geneva. It is situated in the main shopping district, two streets back from the lake, surrounded by designer shops like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. The shop is realatively well laid out except for the position of the toilets which seem almost impossible to find. They are hidden at the back of the shop in a level that is between two main levels and can only be reached from a single staircase. The cosmetics area of the shop is wonderful with all of the cosmetics names you would expect from a designer shop and the houseware and stationary departments are equally impressive. Clothes are ok but generally overpriced a...Read More

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Globus-Grand Passage
48, Rue Du Rhône
Geneva, Switzerland 1204
41 22 319 50 50