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Kayaking into the Sunset

An August 2006 trip to Ensenada by ernieg23

Watch out for the Waves Photo, Ensenada, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Baja California could not have been any better for me this past weekend. Getting away from the blistering sun and lounging on beach chairs and having a few drinks with friends was amazing.

Kayaking into the Sunset

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Watch out for the Waves Photo, Ensenada, Mexico
The most exciting movement of the trip had to be our wild kayaking through Ensenadas caves and into the ocean where we encountered many amazing sites. A gigantic sea lion viciously attacking a 4 foot long tuna at about 20 feet from us was a frightening rush that turned into excitement. Trying to catch waves on a kayak was not an easy feat as proven by my constant wipe outs. The caves were amazing and thanks to some life jackets and helmets I only came out with a few bumps and bruises. Quick Tips: Wear a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, and water shoes if you ever plan on conquering rough tide along with dark caves. We happened to stay at a friends house, so the equipment (kayaks and gear) were ...Read More

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