Kolkata Journals

Young Female, Traveling Alone - Book Excerpt

An October 2003 trip to Kolkata by ManuelaPop

Quote: This is a book excerpt which describes my first impressions upon landing in India.


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In the Streets of IndiaSudder Street looked so much different in the daylight. A few tobacco stores opened for business. On the left side, a couple of rickshaw drivers were lying down, sleeping inside their rickshaws, waiting for passengers. Not far away from them, a cow sat chewing from a pile of garbage. Further down, a couple of men were lying down on bamboo sheets, sleeping. They must have been really poor. A couple of cars crossed each other in the streets, barely missing each other.I tried to make my way through the busy street, passing a few Indians on the way."Rupees, Madame, please?" A woman walked toward me, begging for money.She carried a baby in her hands. A c...Read More