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Berkeley: Not Just for Hippies

An August 2005 trip to Berkeley by hobogirl923

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Quote: When I first started school in Berkeley, I was expecting the place to be overrun with bums and hippies. It is, but that's okay.
Do you love chocolate? Do you especially love free, gourmet chocolate? Well, if so, Scharffen Berger is the place for you. The factory offers free tours (make sure to make a reservation on their website ahead of time). On the tour, you learn about how their chocolate is made, from beginning to end, and get to sample several varieties. You also get to go onto the factory floor and watch chocolate being made. I love food factories (the Jelly Belly one is awesome), and I know many kids do too, so make sure to visit the Scharffen Berger factory if you are around Berkeley with kids 10 and up (the minimum age allowed). Go if you don't have kids too! It's delicious and educational.

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Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory
914 Heinz Ave.
Berkeley, California 94710
(510) 981-4050

Campinile at Berkeley Photo, Berkeley, California
The Campinile offers what is likelely the best view in Berkeley. What is the Campinile, you ask? It is the large clock tower in the middle of the UC Berkeley campus. Some visitors to Berkeley probably aren't aware that you can ride an elevator up to the top, but you can! There are 360 degree views of the entire bay area. I suggest you go on an especially clear day and bring lots of film (or memory cards). In addition to having a great view, the Campinile also offers entertainment in the form of music. A real live person plays a bell concert heard all around campus several times a day. It's not open every day, so be sure to check the schedule:

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Campinile at Berkeley
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California

University of California Botanical Garden

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University of California Botanical Garden Photo, Berkeley, California
If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Berkeley traffic and noise, walk or drive to the botanical garden. During the school year, I often walk there when I am stressed out or trying to avoid reading or writing papers. It is free for Berkeley students and $5 for adults. Once inside, your eyes will hardly know where to look. Beautiful flora is everywhere. The garden is divided into geographical areas, with Europe, Africa, South America, and other regions each having their plants represented in a certain area. Don't forget your camera, particularly if it is a clear day. The view across the bay to San Francisco is amazing.

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University of California Botanical Garden
200 Centennial Dr.
Berkeley, California 94720
(510) 643-2755