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Niagra Falls...Short

A September 2005 trip to Niagara Falls by bobert3189

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Quote: Niagra falls is one of the most magnificent natural marvels of the blah blah blah...NOT!

Niagra Falls...Short


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The food at Applebee's was amazing! The Skylon Tower also had some pretty good food and an amazing view.

Quick Tips:

Do not visit Niagara falls unless you are under the age of 10 or over the age of 19! The only thing to do besides bore your self over the falls are little kiddie carnival stands and one or two medeocar looking night clubs and casinos that you must be 18+ to attend. If you do happen to go and do not heed my warning visit the wax museum of killers and movie psycho's that's pretty cool!

Best Way To Get Around:

Walk, everything's right in one area! In a little over crowded space!

Niagara Falls


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All of my life I have heard from movies, TV, books, and people that one the top 10 attractions I must visit before I die is Niagara Falls. So I finally decided to go there and view these "Majestic" falls with my mom in August of 2005. Upon arriving there after a three and a half hour drive from Pittsburgh we settled into our crack house hotel. We rested for a little bit before going to the Rain Forest Cafe. After our jungle feast we walked down the road to see the falls. I was anticipating a major state of aw. When we got there I did receive an aw feeling.......awwwww this SUCKS! I gazed upon these dinky little water falls that have been over hyped to make millions if not billions of dollars in souven...Read More

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Niagara Falls

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