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A July 2006 trip to Baja California by rabbitgirl

Quote: We took a weekend camping trip thru northern Baja.
A wise person said you should never travel with expectations - keep that in mind if you go to Coyote Cal's. It was disappointing for us and the website was misleading.1. Expensive - $40 to rent a very small room located in the game room w/ people playing ping pong all night. The camping was also expensive at $10/per person.2. The Beach - It's a man made beach on a cliff not by the water. There are beaches below with nice tide pools. Local people were camping there - looked like a lot more fun!3. The Surf - Cannot surf directly at Coyote Cal's because it is a jagged coastline with a lot of rocks! Also on the website they state they will point you to the surf breaks but the...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on August 3, 2006

Rick and Shirley's Coyote Cal's Beach Resort
13 de Diciembre #126
Baja, Mexico
(52) 646 154 4080