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July the Fourth Baby! And By Baby I Mean America

A July 2006 trip to Washington, D.C. by Ujjay

Quote: July 4th it happened. I wrote it down. Why? Because I wanted to.

National Mall & Memorial Parks

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Attraction | "Fireworks."

Well I live in DC so I walked to the Capital. It was July 4th, our nations birthday. Good ole America. It started out with me walking for about an hour because I was too cheap to get a bus. I walked past the white house to the capital, and reached the stands where they were having the fireworks starting. I first waited in line for a pizza slice, although it was incredibly over priced, I was hungry so I waited in line. Take my advice, buy the food from another place, then bring it with you. I had to wait in line an hour just to find out that there was no more pizza. Also, bring a towel with you, you don’t want to sit on the muddy ground and get your pants dirty....Read More

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National Mall & Memorial Parks
900 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, D.C., United States 20024
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