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A July 2006 trip to San Francisco by surfninja

Mosser Exterior Photo, San Francisco, California More Photos
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Baker Beach


Sometimes Brandon and I like to work on that ''all over tan'', so we headed for Baker Beach, which has the unique claim of being in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge!The North end is clothing optional - although there are no warning signs posted. We had read on the internet that it was about 50% nude, but it was more like 15% - and the majority of those - as usual - were older males. We observed that young humans with bodies that would be the most fun to look at are typically too self-conscious to go nude.As Brandon observed, ''I think some of these men are here together!'' (It is San Francisco, after all!)Bring plenty of sun screen and your beach shoes. Prepare ...Read More

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Baker Beach
Bowley Street off Lincoln Boulevard
San Francisco, California

Fort Miley Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Attraction | "Golden Gate Park"

Golden Gate Park is a large, municipal park – reminiscent of Central Park in New York – with lots of facilities and activities for all ages, including a Conservatory, Bowling Green, Polo Field, and Carousel. Brandon and I particularly enjoyed the Conservatory, which sports a butterfly habitat and a lily pad ecosystem, which we determined would be a great home for our pet duck, Nestor!Despite its appearance on this map: the park is over 50 blocks wide East to West, and only a few North to South. We were able to bike around the park quite easily, but parking was difficult to find around the Conservatory on Saturday wh...Read More

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Fort Miley Golden Gate National Recreation Area
At the corner of Point Lobos and 48th avenues
San Francisco, California 94121
+1 415 556 0560

Conservatory of Flowers Photo, San Francisco, California
This was one of the most memorable parts of our visit to Golden Gate Park, and we had enough pictures just of it to publish a separate section on it.

It costs $5 per adult to visit the conservatory, with a nominal charge for children and seniors. Children 4 and under get in free. I'm sure it is a welcome respite from the cold during winter months!

The Conservatory gave us lots of ideas on backyard habitats for our pet duck, Nestor, and other critters!


Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 27, 2006

Conservatory of Flowers
Golden Gate Park - 501 Stanyan Street
San Francisco 94117