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Churchill Downs

An April 2006 trip to Louisville by maryjc21

Quote: Churchill Downs is the home of the Kentucky Derby. Definitely should be on everyone's life's to-do list. The history runs deep here and the place is steeped in tradition. Sip a mint juleip, bid on some ponies and enjoy the day in beautiful Kentucky.

Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby Museum

Attraction | "Chruchill Downs"

Churchill Downs is gorgeous! Be sure to plan your visit in the spring. Kentucky is known for its bluegrass and the grass is so lush here! If you can try to make it to the Kentucky Derby, the first Saturday in May. The whole 2 weeks before the Derby the city is a party in its self. There are so many festivities going on, all in your party will be pleased. Make a point to take in the sun and the beautiful sights of Louisville.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 26, 2006

Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby Museum
704 Central Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky
(502) 637-1111