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Mykonos: A Whimsical Yet Party Island

A July 2006 trip to Mykonos by m2fernandes

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Quote: If you've never seen the white washed buildings and blue domed churches, this is your first glimpse as to what Greece has to offer. Popular among young travelers as well as the gay community, it is a wonderful place to visit.

Mykonos: A Whimsical Yet Party Island

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Mykonos is more for the single scene. It also has a distinction for attracting the gay population. On the "mainland" as well as the other islands, being gay is o.k. but not really that accepted. Here on Mykonos, you are welcome to be as "free" as you'd like. Regardless if you are gay or straight, you'll enjoy this island. It is not one that you could spend a week here, but you can spend a few days and still marvel in Mykonos. You'll enjoy the clubs here but still bask in the white and blue colors of the architecture.Quick Tips: There's a few tips and suggestions that you may find valuable. There is a small church that is popular among captains of ships/boats. There are these two large ...Read More