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Skiing from Davos to Klosters

A March 1993 trip to Davos by Dreamtime

The view of the mountain from our room. Photo, Davos, Switzerland More Photos
Quote: This was so much better than I was used to, I never skiied any where but on the East Coast in the Pocono Mountains.

Skiing from Davos to Klosters

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Town of Klosters, just missed Prince Charles! Photo, Davos, Switzerland
It snowed at least a foot or two every night we were there. It was like a winter wonderland! In the morning we would put on our skiis and ski down the streets to the train station, the train would take us to the Gondola which took us to the top of the mountain. There were towns built right on the mountains, so we skied from one town to another stopping for lunch and drinks! That was the best part of the trip. At home we would make a run that lasted about a half hour than have to wait in a lift line for longer than the time it took to ski down! Here it takes one day to ski to the bottom of the mountain! We skied to Klosters, Prince Charles was there along with a few of his...Read More

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