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Waco, TX?

A June 2006 trip to Waco by LR2

Quote: Waco, TX. The only thing here is the University and a couple of sights. But, there is one thing you might want to check out if you are close by.

Waco, TX?


There are not many things in Waco that would warrant a trip; in my case I will be attending the University. In anybody else's case, they may be visiting family or really like Dr. Pepper.

Quick Tips:

If you do end up here make sure to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum. Here you can buy and sample the original Dr. Pepper. Instead of Corn Syrup they used to use pure cane sugar. Tasting the original Dr. Pepper is a treat; it's pretty good.

Best Way To Get Around:

No real options here, if you go here you must be on a road trip. Sorry, if someone more knowledgeable knows of a better reason to be here.

Dr. Pepper Museum


A fairly large museum including old machinery, antiques, and a gift shop. The three floored museum starts out with a display of old Dr. Pepper bottles and original machinery. Next, one could see a video presentation and antiques from various movies. Visitors are also welcome to purchase original Dr. Pepper straight from the fountain or, if one prefers, by the case. It was a nice and casual visit. However, a second visit isn't necessary.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 16, 2006

Dr. Pepper Museum
300 South 5th Street
Waco, Texas 76701
(254) 757-1025