Guadalajara Journals

Wedding at Tala, Jalisco.

A June 2006 trip to Guadalajara by LR2

Quote: A trip to Mexico for a wedding.

Wedding at Tala, Jalisco.


Visiting the flea market in Guadalajara. There was a lot of artwork at really great prices. I would recommend saving room for a large painting so you can bring one back.

Quick Tips:

1. Like always, when traveling abroad bring your passport.

2. When leaving Mexico, salesmen will try to get you to buy tax free alcohol and cigarettes. Note though, that there is a limit to importing this kind of product. Also note, that you will not be able to import Cuban products, even if you salesmen try to convince you otherwise.

Best Way To Get Around:

Buy a car rental online, it is much cheaper and you get everything done already.