Orkney Islands Journals

Exploring Orkney

A June 2006 trip to Orkney Islands by pruthfield

Quote: If you would like the opportunity to visit some of the oldest ruins in the world in a mystical and place, visit the Orkneys.

Exploring Orkney


Arriving in the Orkneys, specifically in Kirkwall, you begin to get the feeling that this is a "different" kind of place. Once you start exploring the Island, you know you have. If you are looking for "the city" and it's hustle and bustle, you are definitely in the wrong place. This small population island has a definitive rural feel and the people will be quick to let you know that this is the way they want it. Situated north of Scotland, the weather is always problematic. The weather at the end of June was gloomy, rainy and a temperature in the 40's. Not exactly a time to spend the time on a beach. In spite of that, you will see and experience things that you will find n...Read More