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An October 2005 trip to Samarkand by helenl

Quote: This is about the journey rather than the destination. It is too easy to rush to our chosen place without appreciating how we got there. This self-indulgent little piece tells of going between Almaty and Samarkand. More about the destination another time.
The name had always been there, somewhere in the back of my mind. Samarkand. It conjured up images of caravans of camels, spice girls, travellers from distant lands. IT was on the list of places I would like to see, but /I never really expected that I would do so. Expense and distance, the need for visas and my lack of language skills had made me think that I would need to be an armchair visitor to Uzbekistan. Unexpectedly I was given the opportunity to live and work in Kazakhstan, and from my home in Almaty Samarkand was a mere twenty hours away. An Uzbek visa was secured without too much difficulty, requiring only a short stroll to the embassy and an uncomfortable wait on the snow. The much hype...Read More

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