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Week in Massanutten, VA

A July 2006 trip to Massanutten by crazymama

Quote: Massanutten Resort in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Massanutten Resort: The Summit

Hotel | "Summitt at Massanutten"

This is a timeshare me and my family visited this past week. What a great time we had. You literally "never" need to leave this place, and why would you. There is sooo much stuff to do that there isn't enough time in a week to accomplish it all. From an 18-hole golf course to Canoeing, chairlift rides, finger painting, karaoke, yoga, Summer tubing which was a blast and tons of things for the kids to do. There is even a water park on site which is small if you're comparing it to Disney or Water Country USA, but great for the kids, we all had a great time. If you purchase an activity card - "$49.00 for 17 and under and $99.00 for adults" lots of things are free and the rest is a reduced cost. Wi...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 8, 2006

Massanutten Resort: The Summit
1822 Resort Drive
McGaheysville, Virginia 22840
(540) 289-9441

Massanutten Mountain

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "Summitt at Massanutten"

There is so much to do at this resort, you literally never have to leave. You can purchase activity cards for $49 for 17 and under and $99 for adults. There are a few activities that you get for free with the card, and the rest are at discounted prices. Without the card, you pay full price. For example, we did not get the activity cards because we really didn't want to be a slave to the clock (97% are at specific times), the kids really just wanted to play at the pools, and we were looking to really relax and veg out. We went to the Jason Bishop Magic/Illusion show, which I highly recommend, as it was awesome and we paid $10 per person. Had we had an activity card, it would have cost nothing. But we f...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 8, 2006

Massanutten Mountain
Massanutten Village
Massanutten, Virginia