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Athens Adventure

A June 2000 trip to Athens by offtrack

Quote: Many advised us that Athens was imminently skippable on our tour of the Greek Islands. I strongly disagree. While the city's old and new worlds seems to struggle to coexist, the artifacts in and around Athens are phenomenal and day trips from Athens were exceptional.

Athens Adventure


The Acropolis, Delphi, Plaka.

Quick Tips:

Athens is enormous. Stay as close to Plaka as possible. USE A TRAVEL AGENT. Booking hotels, excursions, even dinner reservations are infinitely easier with a travel agent. See my entry entitled "Goddess Kiki" for my recommendation.

Best Way To Get Around:

Taxi and walking. There are a lot of areas where streets are closed. I'd recommend investing in Streetwise Athens before you go as some local maps can be a bit confusing.
Views of the Acropolis from the balcony and roof deck, including the Acropolis light show for free! Clean rooms, fairly basic, breakfasts included and helpful staff were definitely the highlights. Acropolis view is not in Plaka but close enough not to be a big issue. It is a bit off the beaten path but certainly acceptable.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on March 14, 2001

Acropolis View Hotel
Rovertou Galli & Webster 10
Athens, Greece

Goddess Kiki


Kiki Zikou of Dolphin Hells Travel Agency ph. 9227772 made our trip!!! Booking our trip to Greece was a challenge until we found Kiki. She arranged EVERYTHING for us from hotels, to ferries, to tours, to cabs. And we were in touch with her the entire time we were in Greece for any advice or additional help we needed. Kiki was a GODSEND! It honestly was like having a local friend/relative who stewarded us through each step. Even if you don't use Kiki I still HIGHLY recommend using a Greek travel agent, as opposed to an American one. I saw a lot of people get bumped off ferries, find "lost" hotel reservations and get shut out of tours. I really believe Kiki's interconnection with the local...Read More