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Waianapanapa State Park

A September 2005 trip to Maui by cassysun

Waianapanapa State Park Photo, Maui, Hawaii More Photos
Quote: The park is 4 miles before the town of Hana. It is one of the most amazing parks in Maui.

Waianapanapa/Wai'anapanapa State Park

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Waianapanapa State Park Photo, Maui, Hawaii
We happened to see a sign for this park off of the Hana Highway. You have to go down a narrow road on the way there but don't be discouraged at the end of the road you will see the park. The park has a black sand beach, lava caves and a great hiking trail. We had a picnic lunch there and enjoyed playing in the caves. My two year old son enjoyed running in and out of the caves. The tide comes in quick at the cave by the beach so be careful. The view is amazing from the top of the cliffs.Legend has it that Chief Kaakea, a jealous and cruel man, suspected his wife, Popoalaea, of having an affair. Popoalaea left her husband and hid herself in a chamber of the Waianapanapa Cave. A few days ...Read More

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Waianapanapa/Wai'anapanapa State Park
Highway 360
Hana, Hawaii

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