Varna Journals

Bulgaria, Why Go There?

A July 2006 trip to Varna by kelto

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Quote: Why go to Bulgaria? Well, it is cheap, the beach is great, and the people are nice.
street. Photo, Varna, Bulgaria
Why Bulgaria? Well, first of all there is a very good price level. The food is good (and cheap). Drinks are also good and cheap. I went to Bulgaria for 1 week, mostly just to sleep on the beach in the day, and enjoy the city`s many good eating places and bars in the evening. I think Goldensand is a good place to choose if you want to relax and still have the really nice beaches close to you, and it is also a very cheap deal. Compare it to other countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, and France), Bulgaria has all they have, but all the hotels, restaurants, and most of the city is a bit old, and can look used, but still it is good enough for me. So, I can only recommend it. +++ from me.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 5, 2006