Dillard Journals

A Week in the Mountains of Northern Georgia

A June 2006 trip to Dillard by baugh39

Quote: The scenery in Dillard and the surrounding area was awesome and worth the trip.

A Week in the Mountains of Northern Georgia


Wow, if you like the outdoors and beautiful scenery. You can fish in so many places. A week fishing license in Georgia is only and a yearly trout license is . If you like to fish this is a must. There are many streams and creeks with stocked trout in them. Tallulah Falls State Park has awesome hiking, swimming, fishing, water falls, etc. This is where the Olympic kayak took place in 1996.Make sure to visit Franklin, NC and go to Rose Creek Gem mine. You get to dig your own bucket of dirt fro the mine and then sit and sift for gems. We found a 2 carat Emerald.From Franklin we drove US 64 towards Highlands, NC. If you like waterfalls, you must take this drive. There is a waterfa...Read More