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Winter Holidays in Sweden

A February 2006 trip to Sweden by kroker

Snow scooter safari, Salen Photo, Sweden, Europe More Photos
Quote: Summertime in Sweden is lovely - but if you haven't experienced snow before, go in the wintertime.

Winter Holidays in Sweden


Scandinavia is renowned for the long, light nights during summer, and the long, dark, cold winters.However, if you've never seen snow before - visit Sweden in the winter. You'll love it!Go to Stockholm for a city clad in white, or further north, to experience what snow covered nature is really like.There are all kinds of snow related activities, alpine and cross country skiing, skating, snow scooter safaris and dog sleigh excursions. Or spend a night in a hotel made of ice.It's cool.Quick Tips: For the best snow chances and nice sunny weather, go during the late winter season, around February/March.Book snow scooter or dog sleigh safaris on site. You ca...Read More

Stockholm by Snow


Abandoned? Photo, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is a lovely city all year around, with its many islands and parks - but mid winter and mid summer are special.

For a special city vacation, come visit in late February or March, when there's often plenty of snow, sun, and beautiful views.

Boat tours are always nice, but sitting in a boat crunching through the ice as it is cruising between the 23.000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago is special. (See http://www.waxholmsbolaget.se for more info)

It's not all pretty snow covered views though.
I took these pictures last february. It was more or less snowing for three days, and quite a struggle to find cars in the morning.
Snow scooter safari, Salen Photo, Sweden, Europe
Between Sweden and Norway is a mountain chain which is a popular destination for skiers from all over Scandinavia in winter.

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snow scooter safaris, dog sleigh safaris, horseback riding - you name it.

The mountains are lower than in the Alps, and therefore better suited for beginners and families.

It's not especially crowded. You can easily use your skis to get away from the crowd and ski in solitude.

The nature is often breath taking.

The pictures are taken on a snow scooter safari to the top of the mountain, way above where there are no trees growing. If you're lucky, you'll see some stray reindeer!