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A February 2006 trip to Honolulu by longwayfromhome

Dimond Head Crater Photo, Honolulu, Oahu More Photos
Quote: My girlfriend and I took a winter vacation to Oahu to escape the cold New England weather.

Hiking Diamond Head Crater

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Dimond Head Crater Photo, Honolulu, Oahu
After recovering from jet-lag at our hotel, we woke up happy and refreshed around 5am. Invigorated by the stunning views of the happening Waikiki coastline, we threw on our most comfortable summer clothes and shoes and prepared ourselves to hike Diamond Head. While waiting for our bus (which was slow to arrive) we decided to take a taxi with another couple instead. The cab cost only $11 and the couple offered to pay for our portion. They said they just wanted to spread the Hawaiian love since it was their last day in town. After purchasing water, we began our hike up the mountain. Fortunately the path is very easy most of the way though slightly crowded even at 5am. I was pleased we began our ...Read More