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Prague : A City of Mystery and A Big Filmmaking Ci

A March 2000 trip to Prague by kannruss

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Quote: This basically tells you what my friend and I did and how we felt about the city on a whole, how we viewed the scenery, sites, food, lodging, etc.

Prague : A City of Mystery and A Big Filmmaking Ci


Sundown at the Castle Photo, Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Castle (at night!!), the Old Bridge, Museums, Walking around the city - and lots of it...

Quick Tips:

Stay cheap and use your money on enjoying the food and the sites around the city.

Best Way To Get Around:


Pension Vetrnik

Hotel | "Pension ??????????"

This was a very inexpensive way to stay safely in the city. My friend did some research before my arrival and found this place. It was comfortable, clean and safe. It was very affordable and they did give you a light continental breakfast every morning. It was well worth the money and we were able to spend more of our funds on other things.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on March 13, 2001

Pension Vetrnik
U Vetrniku 40/1 162 00
Prague, Czech Republic
02 20612404

Prague Castle (Hradcany Castle)

Best Of IgoUgo

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This was such a wonderful place to visit. My friend Celeste and I went to visit it at night. There were more stairs than I thought I could climb but we finally did make it to the top. It was breathtaking. I could hardly believe that we were there. It was awesome. You could see everything from up that high. Because of the late hour, we were not allowed to go inside and tour. We did have some humorous experiences along the way. They had guards standing in their boxes all along the perimeter of the castle. I didn't know they were there at first and jumped when I saw one at first. Then I was talking very loudly about how I got scared by one of them and he was looking directly at me as if he und...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on March 13, 2001

Prague Castle (Hradcany Castle)
Castle District, Hradcany
Prague, Czech Republic 119 08
420 2 2437 3368