Honolulu Journals

Moped Rental in Honolulu

A January 2006 trip to Honolulu by modernist

Quote: List of places that you can rent mopeds.
One thing you will notice in Honolulu right away is the fact that there are many visitors and locals who use mopeds or scooters as a mode of transportation. One morning I decide that might be a great way to explore the island. These are some of the places I started calling after picking up a yellow pages book.Area code for Honolulu is (808)First, I found many places went out of business. I also had a tough time finding a place that was open, or in business, or had a unit available. I will list the name of business, address, phone and what happened;Adventure on 2 wheels, 1946 Ala Moana, 944-3131 - No answerExtreme moped rentals, 923-4577 -No answerInter island re...Read More