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South Lake Tahoe Weekend Family Vacation

A June 2006 trip to South Lake Tahoe by Jenavive

Eagle Falls Hike Photo, Lake Tahoe, California More Photos
Quote: We took a trip to South Lake Tahoe over a long weekend (Friday-Monday) with our two kids aged 3 and 1.

Eagle Falls Hike

Attraction | "Eagle Falls"

Eagle Falls Hike Photo, Lake Tahoe, California
This is a short hike that is family friendly. The drive out to the falls is pretty scenic too. Parking is a bit of an issue and we had to park alongside the road instead of the parking lot.

The lower falls is located right off of the road and is dangerous. One can walk right into the water. The upper falls is a short hike on the other side of the road. There is a little loop that can be followed and also a trail that leads to another park area further down the road. The views are beautiful; emerald bay can be seen from up on the hill.

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Eagle Falls Hike
Highway 89
Emerald Bay, California 96150
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