Hot Springs Journals

Heavenly Hot Springs Arkansas

A May 2005 trip to Hot Springs by panthersmom4

Quote: Hot Springs is a place for any type of vacation you might want, nature for the active or relaxed, layed back.

Heavenly Hot Springs Arkansas


Whether you like to hike, boat, fish, or just relax, Hot Springs has your type of vacation. It's a quiet location, to do with what you may. Lakes everywhere and water fun can be enjoyed here. You can take Hot Springs the way you want it. Some might enjoy the hiking at the national park, some enjoy the history of President Bill Clinton, others might enjoy it the way we did, layed-back and relaxed.Architecture -We enjoyed the architecture of the old bath houses and the older buildings. Lakes -Boating, fishing, ski-doos, any type of water fun you may want to try, and lots of places to do it!History -President Bill Clinton, or the history of the bath houses. A...Read More