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Yugoslavia Dismembered

A September 2005 trip to Sarajevo by jorgejuan

Quote: My travel to the ex-Yugoslavia had the intention to know the present situation.

Yugoslavia Dismembered

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I had been in all ex-Yugoslavian countries twice, but that was long time ago, when they were all together. My travel in 2005 had the intention to know the present situation of every new republic.First I traveled for 29 euro by boat from Barcelona to Civitavecchia, near Rome, then by train to Bari and another boat to Dubrovnik, in Croatia. Then I went down to Montenegro until the border with Albania, and further to Ulcinj where one day later I took a bus to Pristina, in Kosovo.I continued to Macedonia, from where I catch a train to Belgrade. Night bus to Sarajevo, a few hours excursion to Pale, in Republic of Srpska, next day to Mostar, then I wen...Read More