Lyndhurst Journals

Lady Malin in the 11th Century

A January 2006 trip to Lyndhurst by Truly Malin

Quote: Medieval Times: Historically accurate or Camelot in a can? Truly Malin decides to find out.
I’d seen them before: looming concrete castles topped with colorful flags fluttering in the tropical breezes of vacation destinations like Orlando, Florida. I’d seen their 10% off coupons in many a hotel lobby, and had heard rumors of eating with one’s hands and calling other people Milord and Milady. "Camelot in a Can", I thought disparagingly. "The Middle Ages for Dummies". Yes, I admit it, I didn’t think much of Medieval Times and its mass-produced, Disneyfied brand of historiana. New Yorkers are expected to watch Shakespeare in the Park, not Jousting in the Boroughs. It’s just not done.But then my husband (who despite being born and bred in Manhattan, apologetically thinks it sounds fun to...Read More

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Truly Malin
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