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A June 2006 trip to Easton by mre16

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Quote: Easton is a small, charming, historic town that is quickly evolving into the Eastern Shore capital for the arts.

Historic Easton


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Easton is a graceful, historic town nestled on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Tracing its origins back to 1665, Easton is home for many multigenerational families as well as families and retirees from surrounding states seeking a slower pace of life.Historic estates abound along quiet country streets keeping their majesty a secret from curious onlookers. (Many are visible only by boat.) The brick-lined sidewalks of the downtown area will guide you on a leisurely stroll past boutiques full of beautiful clothing, antiques, pottery, collectibles, and artwork to name a few. Intimate restaurants, coffee bars, and confectioners will be interspersed along your stroll.The weekends in the summer...Read More
Pickering Creek Audubon Center Photo, Easton, Maryland
Pickering Creek is a private non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and environmental education pertaining to the Chesapeake Bay.Every October Pickering Creek hosts its "Harvest Hoedown" to encourage the community to share in the natural beauty of their 400 waterfront acres. For $8 a car load, you can pack up the minivan and enjoy a day in the autumn air listening to live music, snacking on home-baked cookies and admiring local artisan's crafts. There is a special children's activity area with arts and crafts, snacks and interesting exhibits. A hayride will take you down to the waterfront where you can take a ride on an authentic schooner or take a peaceful nat...Read More

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Pickering Creek Audubon Center
11450 Audubon Drive
Easton, Maryland 21601
(410) 822-4903

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