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In search of Beggars in Peshawar City

A June 2006 trip to Peshawar by hamdardy

Quote: We walk all over the city to find some beggar but failed.

In search of Beggars in Peshawar City


We Walked through out the city. There was not any beggar in the whole city. Only a mad woman seemed and she also denied to get any thing as a beg. Police men challaned a bus for playing cassette in the bus.Quick Tips: You have no need to have pennies in your pocket to give beggars because they all are being fed by the provincial government in centers. Go to Bara Market if you like to buy European and US made things cheaper then in EU and US markets. And also you can buy a copy product at lowest prices from there. Qissa Khawni Bazar is best for Caps and Lather shoes. Almost every shop is producing and selling both, no matter how small is that shop. For Chappal Kabab you should go to the...Read More

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