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Short but Sweet Trip to Amsterdam

A May 2006 trip to Amsterdam by MailaDai

Fresh fruit Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands More Photos
Quote: We also visited Amsterdam for 3 days while in London. It was another memorable trip added to our Europe vacation.

Siam at La Place

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Fresh fruit Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
We were looking for a place to eat while touring around Amsterdam and we spotted La Place in a busy market place at Kalver Straat Street. We hopped in to check it out. It was like a food court. They had fruits and salad, oriental food, soup, juice bar, bakery, pizza and pasta, sandwiches, coffee, and seafood—pretty much everything. I wanted to have something spicy and got so excited when I saw a chef preparing siam (kind of lomein). We decided to have that. We ordered a beef siam, a chicken siam, and asparagus soup. For the siam you have mushroom, onion, asparagus, pepper, snow peas, carrot, pineapple, bean sprout, and the choice of beef or chicken. It just takes about 5 to 7 minutes for t...Read More

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