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Drinking Coffee in Dushanbe

A September 2002 trip to Tajikistan by kachevnik

Quote: An insider's look into Tajikistan.

Drinking Coffee in Dushanbe

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In 2003, I used to live in Tajikistan, working for an international organization. I had been there for several months already and spent a lot of time driving around the countryside on nearly unpassible and very dusty roads in a small, Russian-made car called a Niva. After one such trip, what I really wanted when I returned to Dushanbe, was a hot shower and a good cuppa Joe. But neither were to be had. The town's water system was out of whack again, which meant that the tap water was dirty brown since it hadn't been cleaned or filtered. Thus, a shower at that moment..., hhmmm... And coffee, well, that was another story altogether. The only coffee to be had in the entire country (indeed...Read More